Sentence Examples

  • There was no way to discern if it was the vehicle loaned to Howie.
  • She dressed hurriedly in the clothes Sarah had loaned her and ran fingers through her hair, wishing she had a comb.
  • His collection of paintings and sculpture, much of which had long been loaned to the Metropolitan Museum, was sold in January 1886.
  • Wetzel, are: that money as coin may have more than its bullion value; that natural interest is determined by the rent of land valued at the sum of money loaned - an anticipation of Turgot; that high wages are not inconsistent with a large foreign trade; that the value of an article is determined by the amount of labour necessary to produce the food consumed in making the article; that manufactures are advantageous but agriculture only is truly productive; and that when practicable (as he did not think it practicable at the end of the War of Independence) state revenue should be raised by direct tax.
  • State bonds were issued and public lands were sold to secure capital, and the notes of the banks, loaned on security, became a medium of exchange.