Sentence Examples

  • The word Sikh literally means "learner," "disciple," and was the name given by the first guru Nanak to his followers.
  • The learner is to be led forward to the unknown by being made to hark back to more familiar groupings of the alphabet of nature which he is coming to recognize with some certainty.
  • He seemed, not a professor amongst students, but a learner amongst learners; pauses for thought alternated with luminous exposition; invention accompanied demonstration; and thus originated his Theorie des fonctions analytiques (Paris, 1797).
  • In his boyhood Bertrand was a dull learner, spending his time in open-air sports and exercises, and could never read or write.
  • He insisted on a poetical interpretation of the Church's liturgy; and while strenuously maintaining her Divine commission to teach faith and morals, he regarded the Church as in other respects a learner; and he advocated a policy of conciliation with the world, and an alliance with the best tendencies of contemporary thought.