Sentence Examples

  • Without these maps, tourists from all over the world would be lost and confused within the confines of Disney's larger than life layout with cartoon-inspired landscaping and busy streets of parades, vendors and enthusiastic crowds.
  • The Valley of Fire is actually a Nevada State Park, and as the name suggests, it boasts beautiful, rugged landscaping of reddish hued rocks and it is said that when the sun is setting it actually looks as if the valley in on fire.
  • Sustainable landscaping: You may not have considered creating a sustainable landscape, but these workshops can introduce you to methodologies and technologies that help you have less of an impact on your yard environment.
  • Elegant decorations reflect both Native American and Hispanic influences, and the landscaping includes sumptuous fountains that make the resort truly an oasis in the midst of the southwestern desert.
  • Not only will you be sending less waste to the local land fill, but you will be providing yourself with rich, hearty organic matter with which to fortify your landscaping plants or garden vegetables.