Sentence Examples

  • There were some decisions that should be made jointly, and being in control meant taking full responsibility.
  • It must be confessed that the available space (about 70X 20 yds.) on the eastern summit (where there are some remains of ancient buildings) is so small that there would be only room for a single temple, which must have been occupied by the two deities jointly, if the new theory is correct (see Notizie degli scavi, 1902, 387 and refl.).
  • He left two sons, Louis and Henry, who reigned jointly until 1255, when a division of the lands was made, by which Louis II.
  • This is granted (after two examinations) by the faculties of letters and sciences jointly (see below), and in most cases it is necessary for a student to hold this general degree before he may be enrolled in a particular faculty of a university and proceed to a Baccalaurat in a particular subject, such as law, theology or medicine.
  • His son, BoccHus, was king of Mauretania, jointly with a younger brother Bogud.

What's another word for jointly?

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