Sentence Examples

  • As Dean left the building, the jailer sauntered back to Fred's cell.
  • "Darkyn made you the jailer," Rhyn growled.
  • In a city of the first class, a mayor, two aldermen from each ward, a police judge, and a treasurer who may be ex officio tax-collector are elected, and an attorney, a clerk, a chief of police, an assessor, a street commissioner, a jailer, a surveyor, and, where there is a paid fire department, a chief engineer with one or more assistants, may be appointed by the mayor with the consent of the council.
  • There was no sign of Fitzgerald, Lydia Larkin, the jailer, or Fred O'Connor.
  • Fred returned part way through the recital, and after a greeting and a handshake, retired to the back room with Kathleen the jailer to fill out paper work for his release.

What's another word for jailer?

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