Sentence Examples

  • It'll make him an invaluable asset.
  • He continued during the remainder of his life the superintendence of this invaluable annual.
  • This work is invaluable as a source for the history and situation of the church in the 2nd century; for it contains nearly the whole of the famous work of Celsus (Abyos angs) against Christianity.
  • Elliot, Gallinaceous Game Birds of North America (New York, 1897) and Wild Fowl of the United States and British Possessions (1898), and Robert Ridgway's learned and invaluable Birds of North and Middle America, published by the Smithsonian Institution, Bull.
  • Finally Gentz's diaries, from 1800 to 1828, an invaluable mine of authentic material, were edited by Varnhagen von Ense and published after his death under the title Tagebiicher, &c. (Leipzig, 1861; new ed., 4 vols., ib.

What's another word for invaluable?

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