Sentence Examples

  • A patch of blue cement suggested a swimming pool might also inhabit the estate.
  • She was expecting some sort of alien monster to inhabit the brutal planet.
  • The only genuine division of the Albanian race is that of Ghegs and Tosks; the Liaps, who inhabit the district between the Viossa and the sea, and the Tshams or Chams, who occupy the coast-land south of the Kalamas, are subdivisions of the Tosk family.
  • The tribes of northern Albania, or Ghegeria, may be classified in seven groups as follows: - (1) The Mirdites, who inhabit the alpine region around Orosh to the south-east of Scutari - the most important of all in respect of numbers (about 17,000) and political independence.
  • (6,7) The Malsia-Lezhs, who occupy the Alessio highlands, and the Malsia Krues, who inhabit the region north of Kroia, live in a state of extreme poverty and pay no tribute; the Malsia Krues are much addicted to brigandage.

What's another word for inhabit?

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