Sentence Examples

  • Hypnotized by his somber gaze, she lifted her face to accept his affection.
  • Society suffers a sort of perpetual obsession, and remains self-hypnotized as it were within a magic circle of traditional views.
  • Symptoms attendant on the hypnotic state are closure of the eyelids by the hypnotizer without subsequent attempt to open them by the hypnotized subject; the pupils, instead of being constricted, as for near vision, dilate, and there sets in a condition superficially resembling sleep. But in natural sleep the action of all parts of the nervous system is subdued, whereas in the hypnotic the reactions of the lower, and some even of the higher, parts are exalted.
  • The warders at an asylum have been hypnotized to sleep by the bedside of dangerous patients, and "suggested" to awake the instant the patients attempt to get out of bed, sounds which had no import for them being inhibited by suggestion.
  • But, in the 18th aentury, the monarchy, hypnotized by the classical battle-fields of Flanders and Italy, madly squandered the fruits of Colberts work as so much material for barter and exchange.