Sentence Examples

  • He first studied theology at Giessen, but after the campaign of 1814, in which, like his brother August, he took part as a Hessian volunteer, began the study of jurisprudence, and in 1818 established himself as Privatdocent of civil law at Giessen.
  • Already at the universities he had proclaimed his Liberal sympathies as a member of the Burschenschaft, and he now threw himself into open opposition to the unconstitutional spirit of the Hessian government, an attitude which led to his dismissal from the state service in 1833.
  • For a short while he was at the head of the new Hessian administration; but his ambition was to share in the creation of a united Germany.
  • In 1864 he went as Hessian envoy to Vienna, retiring in 1872 when the post was abolished.
  • Paludosa), of divers fruits by Ceratitis capitata and species of Dacus, and of wheat and other crops by the Hessian-fly (Mayetiola destructor) and species of Oscinis, Chlorops, &c., is of very serious consequence.

What's another word for Hessian?

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