Sentence Examples

  • Hereupon General Pavia, the governor of Madrid, turned the Cortes into the streets, to the relief of all sane men in the country.
  • Filelfo hereupon broke out into open and violent animosity; and when Cosimo was exiled by the Albizzi party in 1433, he urged the signoria of Florence to pronounce upon him the sentence of death.
  • Hereupon the dissentient khojas fled to Khokand in West Turkestan, and there gathered armies of malcontents and fanatic followers of Islam.
  • The Magyar Conservatives hereupon entered into negotiations with Deak, and the Austrian government, more than ever convinced of the necessity of a reconciliation, was ready to take the first step, if Hungary would take the second and third.
  • Hereupon follows the first differentiation of primitive substance - the separation of force from matter, the emanation of the world from God.

What's another word for hereupon?

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