Sentence Examples

  • She fell hard on her backside and saw her attacker's headless body land beside her.
  • According to local tradition he was buried at Cefn-y-bedd ("the ridge of the grave") close by, but it is more likely that his headless trunk was taken to Abbey Cwmhir.
  • ACEPHALOUS, headless, whether literally or metaphorically, leaderless.
  • The eruciform larva of the Orthorrhapha leads on to the headless vermiform maggot of the Cyclorrhapha, and in the latter sub-order we find metamorphosis carried to its extreme point, the muscid flies being the most highly specialized of all the Hexapoda as regards structure, while their maggots are the most degraded of all insect larvae.
  • Maria herself would doubtless have shared the same fate, but for the speedy intervention of her fiancĂ©, whom a diet, by the advice of the Venetians, had elected to rule the headless realm on the 31st of March 1387.

What's another word for headless?

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