Sentence Examples

  • The strong governance set up by Henry II.
  • His policy was sound; peace with France, the rehabilitation of the dwindling foreign trade of England, and the maintenance of law and justice by strong-handed governance were his main aims.
  • Strong and regular governance had on the whole prevailed ever since Henry II.
  • The position of the first Tudor king is misconceived if his early years are regarded as a time of strong governance and well-established order.
  • Though the Lancastrians ~ made much play with the watchword of loyalty to the crown, and though the Yorkists never forgot to speak of the need for strong and wise governance, and the welfare of the realm, y~ personal and family enmities had in many cases more effect in determining their action than a zeal for King Henrys rights or for the prosperity of England.

What's another word for governance?

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