Sentence Examples

  • Mrs. Cummings was taken away to the Sister's hospital this forenoon and I fear she shan't ever return.
  • All three Paris curves show three peaks, the first and third representing the ordinary forenoon and afternoon maxima.
  • Simultaneously the forenoon maximum occurs earlier and the afternoon maximum later in the day.
  • At KremsmunsterZolss (41) finds a considerable similarity between the diurnal variations in q and in the potential gradient, the hours of the forenoon and afternoon maxima being nearly the same in the two cases.
  • Annulled a number of vexatious, restrictive regulations, such as the compulsory wearing of beards, the prohibition against going out in the forenoon on Sundays or holidays, or frequenting public pleasure resorts.

What's another word for forenoon?

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