Sentence Examples

  • In these very hot drifts the fatality was large.
  • Nevertheless he not only failed to accomplish the chief aim of his life, but Lecky trenchantly observes that "by a singular fatality the great advocate of repeal did more than any one else to make the Union a necessity.
  • Alder's Bridge was re-named Brockville, after the first soldier fatality of World War Two!
  • 3 Pneumonia and consumption, approximately of equal fatality (15 to 18 per 10,000 each), exceed more than twofold the diseases of next lower fatality, cancer and cholera infantum.
  • The melancholy incident illustrates several points of interest: (1) the correctness of the bacterial theory of causation, and the identity of the bacillus pestis as the cause; (2) the infectious character of the pneumonic type of disease; (3) its high fatality; (4) the difficulty of diagnosis.