Sentence Examples

  • - The alimentary canal in Scorpio, as in Limulus, is provided with a powerful suctorial pharynx, in the working of which extrinsic muscles take a part.
  • Thus the field of disease arising not from essential defect in the body, but from external contingencies, is vastly enlarging; while on the other hand the great variability of individuals in susceptibility explains the very variable results of such extrinsic causes.
  • Evidence is accumulating which may end in the explanation and perhaps in the prevention of the direst of human woes - cancer itself, though at present inquiry is being directed rather to intrinsic than to extrinsic causes.
  • This trophic influence which one neuron exerts upon others, or upon the cells of an extrinsic tissue, such as muscle, is exerted in that direction which is the one normally taken by the natural nerve impulses.
  • It is equally impossible to draw an exact line between variation induced by the environment and variation that may be termed intrinsic. Extrinsic and intrinsic factors are involved in every case, although there is a range from instances in which the external factor appears to be extreme to instances where the intrinsic factor is dominant.

What's another word for extrinsic?

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