Sentence Examples

  • Then, as if explaining her long distance telephone expenditure added, "She got a free phone card for listening to a time share pitch."
  • In his dealings with money, he was characterized rather by liberality of expenditure than by carefulness of acquisition.
  • The main heads of expenditure, of which the total was £467,328, were as follows: - History.
  • All this is true, but three readings instead of one for each pointing, much more figure-work in computation (especially if corrections have to be applied to the scale readings to reduce them to exact normal screw readings), are factors which involve a far greater expenditure of time than making a few additional turns of a screw in the process of measurement.
  • These Chaco rivers are obstructed by sand bars and snags, which could be removed only by an expenditure of money unwarranted by the present population and traffic. In the southern pampa.

What's another word for expenditure?

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