Sentence Examples

  • With patterned breaths, you give two short breaths and exhale the rest of the air through your mouth; using words like "he, he, who" can help you maintain the patterned portion of your breathing.
  • Your obliques engage every time you take a breath, helping to expand and contract the chest cavity as your lungs take in and exhale air.
  • She teaches classes at the Exhale Center for Sacred Movement in Venice, California and is the founder of the ARRIVE movement, a yoga outreach program for troubled teens based on the theory of somatic healing.
  • C-Flex pressure relief technology reduces pressure when the sleeper begins to exhale, and increases pressure to the therapeutic level right before the sleeper inhales.
  • Be sure that you select a nasal mask that covers your entire nasal area and leaves room at the bottom for you to comfortable inhale and exhale without air leakage.