Sentence Examples

  • For general reflections on the subject see the appendix to Jowett's edition of the Epistle to the Romans (London, 1855).
  • He is equally full in his quotations from the New Testament, for he quotes from all the books except the epistle to Philemon, the second epistle of St Peter, and the epistle of St James, and he quotes from The Shepherd of Hermas, and the epistles of Clemens Romanus and of Barnabas, as inspired.
  • Society meeting in Aldersgate Street where Luther's Preface to the Epistle to the Romans was being read.
  • The preface to the prose life of Cuthbert proves that he had stayed at Lindisfarne prior to 721, while the Epistle to Egbert shows that he had visited him at York in 733.
  • The Epistle to Egbert, though not historical in form, may be mentioned here, because of the valuable information which it contains as to the state of the Northumbrian Church, on which the disorders and revolutions of the Northumbrian kingdom had told with disastrous effect.

What's another word for epistle?

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