Sentence Examples

  • When it comes to glamorous evenings out, Victoria often turns to a dizzying array of bustier-styled tops, the occasional leather strap adornment and even plumes of feathers, to keep her on the cutting edge of fashion.
  • Perhaps best of all is the fact that Silhouette offers a wide variety of styles, and a dizzying array of colors that are all but guaranteed to satisfy even the most discerning individuals!
  • The PS3 still doesn't have a solid US release date - everyone's running on hints and allegations, the merest fumes of things to come... but oh, are those fumes aromatic and dizzying!
  • Once you click on the category you are interested in, you'll immediately be greeted with a dizzying array of sheer and transparent styles, one seemingly more sexy that the last.
  • More advanced players can change the pitch, lead, and velocity of passes as well as pull out a dizzying variety of running moves like spins, jukes, fakes, leaps, and stiffarms.