Sentence Examples

  • The prisoner stepped into it, the disc soaring away once more.
  • Which in structure resembles the vegetative stem in its primary condition, bears numerous verticils of bracts, those of each verticil being coherent in their lower part, so as to form a disc or cup, from the margin of which the free limbs of the bracts arise.
  • The calyx, petals and stamens spring from above the ovary (o) in which two chambers are shown each with a pendulous ovule; d, disc between the stamens and stigmas.
  • His discussion of the effects of parallax in the transit of a planet over the sun's disc excited great interest, having appeared (in 1764) between the dates of the two transits of Venus that took place in the 18th century.
  • 5 offend the context, spiritual 'Etudes historiques, Essai sur Disc. arc. (Paris 1902).

What's another word for disc?

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