Sentence Examples

  • The work of Valdemar was completed and consolidated by his illustrious daughter Margaret (1 375 - 1 4 12), whose crowning achievement was the Union of Kalmar (1397), whereby she sought to combine the three northern kingdoms The Union f o into a single state dominated by Denmark.
  • Fear and hatred of Sweden, and the never abandoned hope of recovering the lost provinces, animated king and people alike; but it was Denmark's crowning misfortune that she possessed at this difficult crisis no statesman of the first rank, no one even approximately comparable with such competitors as Charles X.
  • The fate of Parga created intense feeling at the time in England, and was cited by Liberals as a crowning instance of the perfidy of the government and of Castlereagh's subservience to reactionary tendencies abroad.
  • Hostile history of franchise reform as a crowning attempt to restore parliament to normal working conditions.
  • Of Baden won the battle of Slankamen, and on the 11th of September 1697 Prince Eugene gained the crowning victory of Zenta.

What's another word for crowning?

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