Sentence Examples

  • Large quantities of earthenware and crockery are made, especially at Ilmenau.
  • "Well, gentlemen, I see that it is I who will have to pay for the broken crockery," said he, and rising slowly he moved to the table.
  • Though there are large clay deposits in the vicinity, very little of it can be used for crockery, and most of the clay used in the city's potteries is obtained from other states; some of it is imported from Europe.
  • Its principal manufactures include cotton and woollen goods, earthenware and crockery, chemicals, chicory, chocolate, sweet meats and preserves, and beer.
  • Its fair is one of the most important in the southern Ural region for cattle, hides, furs, grain, tea, manufactured articles, crockery, &c., which are sold to the annual value of X500,000.