Sentence Examples

  • (1866); and Theodore Beza, the Counsellor of the French Reformation (1899).
  • In fear of reprisals Antipas (or Antipater), the Idumaean, his counsellor, played on the fears of Hyrcanus and persuaded him to buy the aid of the Nabataean Arabs with promises.
  • And a counsellor of the empire in 1877 and C.I.E.
  • But he was eminently a safe man, not an original thinker, but a counsellor of unrivalled wisdom.
  • Before next spring he had supped with " the great Mr Murray, counsellor," and was engaged to do so with Mr Pope through Murray's introduction, while he was dining with Halifax, Sandwich and Chesterfield.

What's another word for counsellor?

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