Sentence Examples

  • (1866); and Theodore Beza, the Counsellor of the French Reformation (1899).
  • Her half-brother, Lord James Stuart, shared the duties of her chief counsellor with William Maitland of Lethington, the keenest and most liberal thinker in the country.
  • Inconsistent with this is the account of the intervention of Hushai, whose counsel of delay (in order to gather all Israel "from Dan to Beersheba"), in spite of popular approbation, was not adopted, and with this episode is connected the tradition that the sagacious counsellor returned to his home and, having disposed of his estate, hanged himself.
  • The refusal of the emperor William to entertain this project shows that in such matters his judgment was more correct than that of his counsellor, and the incident proves that the latter had anything but a clear insight into the historical position.
  • He owed his education to an uncle, Nicolas de Besze, counsellor of the Paris parlement, who placed him (1529) under Melchior Wolmar at Orleans, and later at Bourges.

What's another word for counsellor?

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