Sentence Examples

  • De Senarmont (1808-1862), was appointed conservator of the mineralogical collections at the Ecole des Mines.
  • He went in 1651 to Paris, where he formed a friendship with Gabriel Naude, conservator of the Mazarin library.
  • The Burma forests are divided into three circles each under a conservator, with twenty-one deputy conservators.
  • To put an end to these disorders, Walter of Brienne, duke of Athens, was elected "conservator" and captain of the guard in 13 4 2.
  • In 1807 he became professor of chemistry and mineralogy at the university of Landshut, and in 1823 conservator of the mineralogical collections at Munich, where he was appointed professor of mineralogy three years later, on the removal thither of the university of Landshut.