Sentence Examples

  • The journey of Calchas to Colophon and his death there, as told in the Nosti, is another instance of the kind.
  • Neilson (John Barbour, Poet and Translator, London, 1900) that Barbour was the author, although the colophon states that it was written in 1438.
  • By this literary merit Fustel set little store, but he clung tenaciously to his edition of a Latin classic and the first book containing Greek characters, while in the colophon Fust for the first time calls Schoffer "puerum suum"; (8) the same, 4th February 1466; (9) Grammatica rhytmica (1466), folio, II leaves.
  • Its foundation is often attributed to Xenophanes of Colophon, but, although there is much in his speculations which formed part of the later Eleatic doctrine, it is probably more correct to regard Parmenides as the founder of the school.
  • In the colophon also the compiler (as he calls himself) excuses the errors of orthography.

What's another word for colophon?

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