Sentence Examples

  • Remember when we used to chant that?
  • It treats chiefly of the tonalities of the plain chant, and of counterpoints constructed upon them.
  • The antiphons are short liturgical forms, sometimes of biblical, sometimes of patristic origin, used to introduce a psalm, The term originally signified a chant by alternate choirs, but has quite lost this meaning in the Breviary.
  • It is also interesting to find that a section of the Kafir community of Kamdesh still claim the same Greek origin as did the Nysaeans; still chant hymns to the god who sprang from Gir Nysa (the mountain of Nysa); whilst they maintain that they originally migrated from the Swat country to their present habitat in the lower Bashgol.
  • The chant no longer soothed the pain within her as she thought of her own past.