Sentence Examples

  • These are thrown into a basket containing chaff made from the capsules.
  • Acus, chaff, comes also the distinct meaning of "mixed with chaff."
  • It was left to the Stoics to separate the wheat from the chaff, and to assign to the words "knowledge" and "nature" a saner and more comprehensive meaning.
  • On farms of moderate size it is usual to hire steam tackle as required, the outlay involved in the purchase of a set being justifiable only in the case of estates or of very big farms where, when not engaged in ploughing, or in cultivating, or in other work upon the land, the steam-engine may be employed in threshing, chaff-cutting, sawing and many similar operations which require power.
  • Shipping opium is distinguished by its soft character and clean paste, containing very little debris, or chaff, as it is technically called.

What's another word for chaff?

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