Sentence Examples

  • His principal work was Lectures on the Catechism of the Church of England (London, 1769).
  • The catechism as we know it is intended primarily for children and uneducated persons.
  • SACRAMENT, in religion, a property or rite defined in the Anglican catechism as " an outward and visible sign of an inward and spiritual grace"; if the grace be allowed to be inherent in the external symbolic thing or act as well as in the faithful who receive or do it, this definition holds good not only for the Latin Church, but for more primitive religions as well.
  • In 1852 Comte published the Catechism of Positivism.
  • Nowell is believed to have composed the Catechism inserted before the Order of Confirmation in the Prayer Book of 1549, which was supplemented in 1604 and is still in use; but the evidence is not conclusive.

What's another word for catechism?

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