Sentence Examples

  • One friend of this writer went to a video game expo and, denigrating the hype about the new Madden game, claimed to the EA personnel there that he could score on the brand-new product with his eyes closed.
  • Whether you've paid top dollar for a vintage pattern or a brand-new commercial pattern, or gotten one free, you should still do a mock-up before you start cutting your suit fabric.
  • By choosing something that's not the main focus of the room, you allow yourself the possibility of fun furniture, new paintings, or a brand-new set of drapes without any problems.
  • Did you know that many thrift and secondhand stores receive regular donations of brand-new merchandise from merchants that are reducing their unsold inventories or overstock?
  • Black models started to become more prevalent in the 1970s, and since then, the world has had the opportunity to experience and discover brand-new talent around every bend.