Sentence Examples

  • The state lies on the borderland between the Prairie Plains and the Alleghany Plateau.
  • Holdich, The Indian Borderland (1901).
  • And other islands of Zeeland; the quarrel was important, as dealing with the borderland between French and German overlordship. This strife, which lasted 400 years, did not at first break out into actual warfare, because both Dirk and Baldwin V.
  • It became early the scene of important historical events, the avenue and junction of the migration of peoples; and it forms the borderland between the German and Slavonic worlds.
  • In other districts, also, rebellions occurred; and in the east, Euthydemus and his successors (Demetrius, Eucratidas, &c.) began the conquest of the Indus region and the Iranian borderland (Arachosia, Aria).

What's another word for borderland?

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