Sentence Examples

  • Each vote is dealt with separately, notice being given beforehand by one party to the other of the votes objected to and therounds of objection.
  • It gains by regret that death was beforehand with him.
  • Where practicable steam shovels are employed, even when it is necessary to break up the material beforehand by blasting.
  • As there had been no money available to purchase supplies beforehand, each of these groups had to be scattered over a wide area for subsistence, and thus news as to the enemy's points of concentration necessarily preceded any determination of the plan of campaign.
  • It was useful as marking definitely the boundary of the Roman sway, and as assuring the Romans that no inroad could be made without intelligence being had of it beforehand, while the limes itself and the system of roads behind it enabled troops to be directed rapidly to any threatened point, and the fortified positions could be held against large numbers till reinforcements arrived.

What's another word for beforehand?

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