Sentence Examples

  • Prefixed to them is a supposed letter from Peter to James, in which Peter is made to write as follows " For some of the converts from the Gentiles have rejected the preaching through me in accordance with the law, having accepted a certain lawless and babbling doctrine of the enemy And this some people have attempted while I am still alive, by various interpretations to transform my words, unto the overthrow of the law; as though I also thought thus, but did not preach it openly: which be far from me!
  • I knew right off what he was babbling about.
  • They took their leave with her following them to the door, babbling on about unrelated subjects.
  • She managed not to start babbling nervously, even when his hands traced down her arms before settling on her hips.
  • Whatever Vinnie was babbling about sounded like the last thing in the world Dean wanted to get involved with, but he had no choice but to at least hear out the terrified man.

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