Sentence Examples

  • Henson's flying machine, designed in 1843, was the earliest attempt at aviation on a great scale.
  • Aviation grade ethanol, (AGE-85) is an 85 percent ethanol blended fuel that is beginning to replace 100 octane low lead aviation gasoline, which has been the standard fuel for reciprocating engine aircraft since World War II.
  • Like many other community colleges, Everett Community College offers associate's degrees and certification in a wide variety of majors including aviation, graphic design, nursing, tribal enterprise management and many more.
  • While the feat marked a milestone in aviation history, the true benefit was that the aerodynamics lab on the first floor was able to test and observe how the wings functioned during flight.
  • The numbers are interesting, but a report by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) cautions "...there currently is no evidence in accident data that would support the ranking of individual airlines based on their safety records..."