Sentence Examples

  • The other lizard is one which most appropriately has.
  • This knob or ridge may be appropriately regarded as an ancient physiographic fossil, inasmuch as, being a monadnock of very remote origin, it has long been preserved from the destructive attack of the weather by burial under sea-floor deposits, and recently laid bare, like ordinary organic fossils of much smaller size, by the removal of part of its cover by normal erosion.
  • This might be appropriately represented, as already suggested, by a linear formula s=so - cT.
  • His reign was remarkable for its manifold and far-reaching reforms. Sweden's existing communal law (1862), ecclesiastical law (1863) and criminal law (1864) were enacted appropriately enough under the direction of a king whose motto was: "Build up the land upon the laws!"
  • Between these extremes the following actual average temperatures have been observed at certain stations from north' to south which are appropriately grouped for the purpose of comparison (heights above sea-level following each name) Jockmock (850 ft.), at the foot of the lake-chain on the Little Lule River-29.7°; and Haparanda (30 ft.), at the head of the Gulf of Bothnia-32.4°.