Sentence Examples

  • The expression is anthropomorphic, no less than the dogma of material creation; but it is an attempt to affirm the unity of the intellectual and the material world.
  • Other authorities suggest that it is going much too far to deny the existence of religion altogether, and instance as proof of the divinity of the supra-normal anthropomorphic beings of the Baiame class, the fact that the Yuin and cognate tribes dance around the image of Daramulun (their equivalent of Baiame) and the medicine men " invocate his name."
  • It suggests in every deed a personal but limited God, or a number of Gods - " Religions of spiritual Individuality," including, along with " Judaism," the anthropomorphic religions of Greece and Rome.
  • " He rejected all that is anthropomorphic in theism, but gave a positive not negative interpretation to Spencer's scientific generalizations, and broke away from pantheism - perhaps also from naturalism - when, like Tennyson, he pleaded for human immortality as the climax of evolutionary progress.
  • An anthropomorphic deity, Puluga, is the cause of all things, but it is not necessary to propitiate him.

What's another word for anthropomorphic?

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