Sentence Examples

  • In none of these cases is there any indication that acclimatization was necessary or ever took place.
  • These instances, so well stated by Spruce, seem to demonstrate the complete acclimatization of Spaniards in some of the hottest parts of South America.
  • Amounting to a serious pest in Australasian colonies, it is also established in the Falklands and Kerguelen; its presence in much of Europe is attributed to early acclimatization, as it seems anciently to have been confined to the Iberian peninsula.
  • The modern presence of the black swan of Australia (Chenopis atrata) in New Zealand appears to be due to a natural irruption of the species about half a century ago as much as to acclimatization by man, if not more so.
  • The acclimatization of white men in tropical Africa generally is dependent largely on the successful treatment of tropical diseases.