Sentence Examples

  • They are characterized by fine cycads (Zamites arcticus and Glossozamites Hoheneggeri), which also occur in the Urgonian strata of Wernsdorff.
  • Williamson was the first to express the opinion that the Bennettitean flowers known as Williamsonia were borne on the trunks which terminated in a crown of pinnate fronds of the type long known as Zamites gigas; this view was regarded by Saporta and others as incorrect, and the nature of the Bennettitean foliage was left an open question.
  • Androstrobus Balduini from Bathonian rocks of France; Zamites familiaris, described many years ago by Corda, from Lower Cretaceous rocks of Bohemia, and Androstrobus Nathorsti, from Wealden beds in Sussex.

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