Sentence Examples

  • 2 7, p. 45 2), assuming that two liquids may be compared when the ratios of the volumes of the liquids to the volumes of the saturated vapours are the same, deduced that yV 3 (where y is the surface tension, and V the molecular volume of the liquid) causes all liquids to have the same temperature coefficients.
  • If when P changes to P+w volume V changes to V - v then (P -f -w) (V - v)y = PVy, whence w= P (-yv -[-y(y2 I) V2) = y V (I 4:y-1 }- y 2 I J.
  • The collections which we possess under the name of Aesop's Fables are late renderings of Babrius's version or Hpo-yv &o sari, rhetorical exercises of varying age and merit.
  • 5 the poet says- oaaov 7rapeevuo) 7rpoc13 pEC rpcyaµoco yv p cw 6S.
  • ' Car'sale M DI YV nv.'l ?.