Sentence Examples

  • We conclude that, with a grating composed of transparent and opaque parts, the utmost light obtainable in any one spectrum is in the first, and there amounts to I/wr 2, or about 6, and that for this purpose W a and d must be equal.
  • (I) Hence WR measures the torque T.
  • Water of the Great Bend (par wr) of Naharin (N-h-r-n)" (Breasted„ Anc. Rec. ii.
  • The precise meaning of pier wr is not certain.
  • His chief work was a treatise on nature (Hew: 4 iio wr), in thirty-seven books, of which fragments from about nine books have been found in the rolls discovered at Herculaneum, along with considerable treatises by several of his followers, and most notably Philodemus.