Sentence Examples

  • All of these products can be purchased through the webshop of Wai Lana's website; in addition, the DVDs, CDs, and a few other select products can be purchased from major retailers like
  • The webshop features not only clothing that is made from organic materials and sustainable processes, but also items that have a certain environmentally-friendly nod.
  • Specializing in organic clothing and cloth diapers, the webshop also offers a wealth of advice on why organic is good for children as well as for the environment.
  • While the store is closing and the webshop is up for sale, all items are 30 percent off, making organic more affordable than virtually any other place online!
  • Yoga Webshop carries a wide variety of yoga products, from yoga jewelry and yoga clothing to meditation CDs, essential oils, and relaxation products.

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