Sentence Examples

  • We provide resources to help you learn about vegetarian options available to creatively customize your menu eating plan as well as information that deals with issues relating to the various kinds of vegetarianism.
  • People committing to a vegetarian lifestyle are aware of lots of great reasons to stop eating meat, but when making this choice it's also important to note the disadvantages of vegetarianism.
  • He tried vegetarianism for a while, but gave it up when he found that it did him no particular good.
  • For the religious aspect of vegetarianism in these and other circles, see von Dobschiitz's Christian Life in the Primitive Church (1904), pp. 125 f., 396 f.
  • The same fear of imbibing the irrational soul of animals, and thereby reinforcing the lower appetites and instincts of the human being, inspired the vegetarianism of Apollonius of Tyana and of the Jewish Therapeutae, who in their sacred meals were careful to have a table free from blood-containing meats; and the fear of absorbing the animal's psychic qualities equally motived the Jewish and early Christian rule against eating things strangled.