Sentence Examples

  • Of this contribution to science, as of all the rest which have since proceeded from him, may be said in the words he himself has applied (ut supra, p. 271) to the work of another labourer in a not distant field: " This is a model paper for unbiassed observation, and freedom from that pleasant mode of supposing instead of ascertaining what is the true nature of an anatomical element."
  • His temper was naturally that of a trimmer; and he had thus many qualifications for the writing of well-informed and unbiassed history.
  • His main avowed principle was to do without hypothesis, and study the actual diseases in an unbiassed manner.
  • The reform of practical medicine was effected by men who aimed at, and partly succeeded in, rejecting all hypothesis and returning to the unbiassed study of natural processes, as shown in health and disease.
  • Unfortunately the political condition of Germany was unfavourable to the formation of an unbiassed opinion on the great movement.

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