Sentence Examples

  • Rebus hujus Roberti gestis tota Britannia in cantibus utitur.
  • Bartolus, although written some twenty years previously, contains a chapter entitled "Vera iridis tota generatis explicatur," in which it is shown how the primary bow is formed by two refractions and one reflection, and the secondary bow by two refractions and two reflections.
  • It may be said of his letters that in them "tota patet.
  • 24), Ca dmon sang " de creatione mundi et origine humani generis, et tota Genesis historia, de egressu Israel ex Aegypto et ingressu in terram repromissionis, de aliis plurimis sacrae Scripturae historiis, de incarnatione Dominica, passione, resurrectione et ascensione in coelum, de Spiritus Sancti adventu, et apostolorum doctrina."
  • The most un doubted personality of the Garcia Sanchez 926966 time is Tota (Theuda), widow Sancho Garcia 966993 of Sancho Abarca, who gov Garcia Sanchez 1000 erned for her son and whose TheTrembler ~ daughters were married to the kings of Leon and counts of Castile.

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