Sentence Examples

  • Thus, lingerie manufacturers created the open bottom girdle with six garters attached, perfect for holding up thigh-high stockings, and this was the undergarment of choice in the 1940s and 1950s.
  • While some people interchange the two terms, stockings are actually two separate nylons that come thigh-high, unlike pantyhose, which are one-piece nylons that come all the way to the waist.
  • The thigh-high stocking section has many choices in very unique styles, including wild colored prints, sexy black dominatrix fish nets, holiday-themed, and a naughty school girl look.
  • At the Stocking Store, they sell thigh-high exotic fishnet stockings in a more open weave that's called a fence net (because it looks like a chain-link fence) over a pink background.
  • Just as accessories like jewelry and scarves can complete an everyday outfit, items like thigh-high boots, chokers and hats can make ordinary lingerie more risque.