Sentence Examples

  • The Terrorists lifted their heads in the Council of Five Hundred.
  • The struggle between the Terrorists and the police authorities became more and more intense, and attempts at assassination became more and more frequent.
  • His horrible career ended with the fall of Robespierre and the terrorists on the 9th Thermidor.
  • Although brought about by the Terrorists, the tragic fall of Robespierre put an end to the Reign of Terror; for their chiefs having disappeared, the subordinates were too much Thfrd divided to keep up the dictatorship of the third commiUee Committee of Public Safety, and reaction soon set in.
  • Many of the furious Terrorists now became quiet and active councillors or administrators, the First Consul adopting the plan of multiplying "places," of overwhelming all officials with work, and of busying the watch-dogs of the Jacobinical party by "throwing them bones to gnaw."