Sentence Examples

  • A month later, under the pretence of stilling the civil strifes in the Valtelline, Bonaparte absorbed that Swiss district in the Cisalpine Republic, which thus included all the lands between Como and Verona on the north, and Rimini on the south.
  • It was in the midst of the strifes resulting from those claims that Napoleon Bonaparte saw the light in 1769.
  • The Republican leaders straightway quarrelled among themselves, thus starting the long series of factional strifes which have characterized the party politics of New York state; the bitterness of the factions and the irresponsible council of appointment are also responsible for the firm establishment early in the Republican regime of the " spoils system."
  • Thereafter he shared the fortunes of the Bonaparte family in the intrigues and strifes which ensued.
  • His boyhood was distracted by vague party strifes, but Henry did not attempt to administer his country.

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