Sentence Examples

  • Sachsen-Meiningen), a duchy in Thuringia, forming an independent member of the German empire and consisting chiefly of an irregular crescent-shaped territory, which, with an average breadth of 10 m., stretches for over 80 m.
  • Flathe, Geschichte des Kurstaates and KOnigreichs Sachsen (Gotha, 1867-1873); R.
  • Flathe, Geschichte des Kurstaates and Konigreichs Sachsen (Gotha, 1867-1873); and J.
  • Sachsen-Koburg-Gotha), a sovereign duchy of Germany, in Thuringia, and a constituent member of the German empire, consisting of the two formerly separate duchies of Coburg and Gotha, which lie at a distance of 14 m.
  • See Fleischmann, Zur Geschichte des Herzogtums Sachsen-Coburg (Hildburghausen, 1880); A.