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  • The Sabellian races of central and eastern Italy and the Italo-Celtic and Venetian races of the north, in whom the poetic susceptibility of Italy was most manifest two generations later, were not, until after the Social war, sufficiently in sympathy with Rome, and were probably not as yet sufficiently educated to induce them to contribute their share to the national literature.
  • He was deeply read in Puritan divinity, and adopted Sabellian doctrines on the Trinity.
  • In 1791 a revival began at Bala; and this, strange to say, a few months after the Bala Association had been ruffled by the proceedings which led to the expulsion of Peter Williams from the Connexion, in order to prevent him from selling John Canne's Bible among the Methodists, because of some Sabellian marginal notes.
  • The Sabellian doctrine itself, however, during the decades above mentioned underwent many changes in the East and received a philosophical dress.
  • The Umbrian-Sabellian tribes had the same phonetic peculiarity as the Celts.

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