Sentence Examples

  • These now refitted, a cruiser ordered from Cramp's shipyard (America) and another from W.
  • The "Florida" (built at Liverpool in 1861-1862) crossed the Atlantic, refitted at Mobile, escaped the blockaders, and fulfilled the instructions which, as her captain said, "left much to the discretion but more to the torch."
  • There are a Kurhaus, built in 1853, and a park of 15 acres; also a grand-ducal castle, refitted in 1887-1888.
  • The " Explorer," a steamer of 170 tons, which had been employed in the copra trade, was purchased for $20,000, and refitted as a man-of-war, to form the " nest-egg " of the future Hawaiian navy.
  • Army in reserve at once, to be reorganized and refitted; but the delay in the retreat of the IV.