Sentence Examples

  • The colony failed at first, and was reconstituted in 1894.
  • By an act passed in 1898, of which the provisions came into force in 1900, the university of London was reconstituted as a teaching university, although provision was made for the continuance of the system of examinations by " external examiners " for " external students," together with " internal examinations " for " internal students," in which the teachers and the external examiners of the university are associated.
  • The almshouse called Queen Anne's Hospital is named from Anne of Denmark, queen of James I., who reconstituted a foundation of the time of Edward I., dedicated to St John the Baptist and St John the Evangelist.
  • The first state to escheat to the British government was Satara, which had been reconstituted by Lord Hastings on the downfall of the peshwa Baji Rao in 1818.
  • The policy here adumbrated was (at least partly) carried into effect by parliament in the Indian Councils Act 1909, which reconstituted all the legislative councils by the addition of members directly elected, and conferred upon these councils wider powers of discussion.